21st june,2016…






Hi,i’m Husain,and i just chanced upon this blog after one of my friends stated writing here… and i really haven’t exactly thought about what to write on this blog lately, I guess its just another one of my promises i keep,which i eventually break soon later on. :b

ill probably be writing a blog on a weekly basis,or whenever i feel like,describing all the interesting events happening throughout this year….

An abridged description about me; I’m 16,currently in 11th grade,an introvert,although totally LOVE  reading,travelling,swimming,running,video games,learning new languages,taking in new cultures, and sleeping (not even kidding… i sleep about 12-14 hours a day).

And i guess i don’t have any plans for my future, kind of a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, I could probably turn out to be the president of India,still wondering how I did it.

im currently Majoring in Commerce,learning French  and Marathi simultaneously,and im good at arts too…

anyways,i hope,in the distant future,that I read this blog,and remember all of my earlier memories (one of the major reasons i’ve started writing a blog,thank you wordpress)

ps.im really good at Photography,and these are some of my favorites…


A king Cobra…

yeah,these are the Himalayas…

DSCN1183.JPG                                                                     Solar Eclipse


I have a lot more of them,and its 1:30 am right now,and im really tired,so until then….

and if you feel like contacting me,then you could just email me at kapasi_husain@ymail.com,or message me on +918830688202, whichever’s more convenient…

good night, fellow reader….


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