Thoughts on ZP and other stuff!

Hi,i’m back 🙂 and i’m so sorry for this half a month long hiatus even though I promised i’d start blogging weekly or so.but i have some quite valid reasons to do so.First of all,my laptop wasn’t with me,and quite frankly i’m too lazy to blog on my computer…                           second of all,i was so busy in practicing for the award day, in which I received certificates for topping in Economics,and Arts,and was there in the same function for the choir sessions almost simultaneously ,which was quite frightening if you ask me,since i had to jump onto the stage to receive my award just after the singing…and well,the chief guest was the ex-defence general of the country.

Plus, I gave my name in for ZP (ZILLA PARISHAD) to represent my city for swimming,and long distance running(its probably gonna be 2 miles or so) completely sprinting. ZP is like super important for an athlete since it is like gate to further competition like the commonwealth games,or possibly even the olympics(however,these two platforms are also too farfetched).however,if one qualifies in for ZP,and wins,he further advances to representing his state,and then his country,simple as that.

so this week has been too exhausting,physically and mentally ; practices,jogging and swimming,college,accounting,studying deem to have completely taken over my entire free time during the day, but well, it’s fun,so no harm done.

well that’s it for this week,ive gotta gotta prepare for the upcoming exams next week,                  bye.


21st june,2016…






Hi,i’m Husain,and i just chanced upon this blog after one of my friends stated writing here… and i really haven’t exactly thought about what to write on this blog lately, I guess its just another one of my promises i keep,which i eventually break soon later on. :b

ill probably be writing a blog on a weekly basis,or whenever i feel like,describing all the interesting events happening throughout this year….

An abridged description about me; I’m 16,currently in 11th grade,an introvert,although totally LOVE  reading,travelling,swimming,running,video games,learning new languages,taking in new cultures, and sleeping (not even kidding… i sleep about 12-14 hours a day).

And i guess i don’t have any plans for my future, kind of a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, I could probably turn out to be the president of India,still wondering how I did it.

im currently Majoring in Commerce,learning French  and Marathi simultaneously,and im good at arts too…

anyways,i hope,in the distant future,that I read this blog,and remember all of my earlier memories (one of the major reasons i’ve started writing a blog,thank you wordpress) really good at Photography,and these are some of my favorites…


A king Cobra…

yeah,these are the Himalayas…

DSCN1183.JPG                                                                     Solar Eclipse


I have a lot more of them,and its 1:30 am right now,and im really tired,so until then….

and if you feel like contacting me,then you could just email me at,or message me on +918983618967,whichever’s more convenient…

good night, fellow reader….